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Mar 8, 2013

we all may be broken

she writes & she writes until the pieces fall into place. the mistakes will never be erased, but she stopped avoiding reality. she accepted her flaws. her past. her regrets. her unspoken words and soon discovered the pain drifting away. all the hurt and tragedy she once knew was turning into magic. 
maybe, she thought to herself, you really do have to hit rock bottom before you get back on your feet. this is who i am and i will not and can not feel ashamed... and although it may not be perfect, she found HOPE. she was willing to fight every single day for the endless days that her voice was taken away from her. she had been silenced for too long and this was a fight worth fighting.
the girl put down her pen, closed her journal & suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the world started making sense again.
she started to really love the life she had. & before she knew it, life knocked her back down again. hard. so much so, she began to believe she was bulletproof. because she was still alive. and she may be hurting again, but what do you have, she thought when you've lost everything?
well, she wrote and wrote once more & she accepted that if she has nothing to lose, well then my dear, you have everything to gain.
so why would you ever, ever give up now? she thought.
& she reminded herself, once more, where she has been, what she has gone through & that if all adds up, she is finally beginning to become the person she was meant to me.
mistakes don't happen. they make you.