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Sep 28, 2012

for the dreamers...

Hi all, or anyone who may still read my blog.i am deeply sorry that i have been away for so long, & even more so that i promised to blog again & did not follow through. but life happens.
& as life would have it, mine has been a bit... well unhinged. this past year has been the hardest/most painful of them all, and if you did once upon a time follow my blog you may know i battled an eating disorder for about 8 years, yet the worst hadn't happened. so i guess my falling out would have to do with a subject thats still a bit too soon for me to open up about. questions about EDs? i got you. because i won that battle & i know how impossible those odds are. so sincerely, i want to & will be there for ANYONE who is struggling along the lines of ed's, depression, what have you... i have only wanted to inspire people who are like me & who feel lost/have felt lost/ don't quite know where to go from here...

so i guess i am posting this to say i am back. & i am always, ALWAYS here for those who need someone to talk to. anonymous or not. thats the beauty of letting it all go, i held on to secrets for so long & this blog helped me to share & not feel so crazy. so if you feel crazy, you are NOT. you are beautiful. being weird is brilliant. being different is perfection. being an individual is what sets you apart. so be different, be weird. because the most beautiful people are. xxx
-samantha america