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Jan 30, 2011

that awkward moment when...

Jan 18, 2011


happy coache11a to all! the lineup is finally here
i put together a playlist of some artists that caught my eye right away. enjoy. xo

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generation 2

so needless to say, i will not be supporting mtv skins on this blog. but i will continue with my obsession with the original.
GENERATION 2:: Favorite characters: (EASiLY) effy & freddie
i wish i was effy, she is so fucking awesome.
well, i gave Skins USA a shot. & i absolutely hated it. i'm sorry, but the same plot line for americans just DO NOT work. the British culture is so different, crude humor and raves are part of their lifestyle. not so much for Americans. i mean, if they want a "skins usa" then be truthful to the american culture. show the raw, uncensored high school parties that really do go on. the underage drinking & driving, the sneaking out of closet windows, the after football game parties, graduation parties in fields, so on so forth. it could be really great, but the original script just doesn't work. in fact, the bashing on the "rich kids" really doesn't work for America. because as far as i'm concerned there is always the rich kid. so make the rich kid a character where they throw parties there with the whole slighly fucked up, but still composed all-american high schoolers. now that may be something i would watch. i'm just sayin... because to be honest, i just saw posers throughout the whole first episode and it made me cringe. 
also, Tony is like a 5'1 dweeb. he has no charisma and is trying way too hard to portray the original Tony. MAKE IT YOUR OWN DUDE.

Jan 17, 2011

skins USA

okay MTV, please don't fuck this up. tonight at 10. 
 Tea is replacing Maxxie, and so far the only character i approve of.

the original

more generation 1. the original cast can never be replaced. xo