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Jan 12, 2011

always free.

 i just felt like rambling so here we go, oh but first a photo shoot because i have after 20 years learned how to curl my hair. i know, it's a proud moment for.
okay thanks for wasting your time. well currently in nashville: snow has become a very normal thing. which is really not normal. because as long as i've lived here we were lucky if it snowed once! so it's kind of amazing, i feel like my home town has been turned into a winter wonderland this past week :)
however that does not mean i could ever live in a snowy place because i still hate cold weather. i HATE being cold. but i love winter clothes. so i mean, you win some you lose some.
other than that, i'm really enjoying my time in Nashville. it grows on me, even being from here, because when i return after being gone for almost years, i realize how great it is to be from here. life here isn't simple, but compared to LA, it is extremely simple.
and people are nicer... and i think my southern accent (or whatever accent i have) is creeping back in... OH NO my acting teacher is going to kill me!
but yeah, life is good right now. it was so amazing to see all my friends from high school & such over the holidays. most people think they leave high school and move onto their college friends, but i've learned for myself that my best friends in the world come from home.
okay, off to Rumours East (a lovely wine bar in east Nashville) to meet my angel of a mother. stay beautiful. xo.

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