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Jan 8, 2011


Skins is my latest OBSESSiON. i just finished the 4th season. (out of 4) It's a british teen drama that is brutally honest. it is not fantasy like THE OC or Gossip Girl, which i do love those shows-- but SKiNS is raw. it cuts deep and nothing is censored. its adolescent life revolved around drugs, sex, alcohol, and fucked up life situations.
 raving scenes are guaranteed....
 Cassie & Sid are from the first generation. they were my favorite characters.
 & Effy and Freddie are from the second generation. they are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE TV ROMANCE. i have a girl crush on effy and a huge crush on freddie.
 Panda & Effy.
 what i am mostly looking forward to is Skins the movie. if you watch up to the 4th season, it's a total cliff hanger and apparently they are in the process of making a movie to follow up the season and to answer unsolved question (BECAUSE ITS JUST THAT GOOD)
 hotties from both series. you will fall in love.
 & i am veryyyy iffy about this>> the US skins premieres Jan. 17th on MTV. i really hate this so far, because they took the first season and are re-doing it for American television with the same plot and everything. it seems like total bullshit. i think i would be more okay with it if they just started skins US all new storylines, new characters, and such. the original cast is impossible to replace. but i suppose i'll watch it & find out :/
 the 3rd generation of skins UK premieres January 27th, which will be all new characters again and i am bittersweet about it because i adore the old cast, but thats why i am glad they are making a movie...

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