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Nov 29, 2010

let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday

sometimes it's true, when it rains it fucking pours. my past semester has been an overwhelming experience with new material, life lessons, and never ending illnesses. last week was so stressful that it was like fighting a battle. i felt so defeated, but i made it through.
 my schedule is less strenuous until winter break, so i feel really encouraged. going off little sleep, i was in an extremely good mood today. it sucks because my potential lead role got ruined because of my tardies... oops, those caught up on me. i still have a decent role for the exam play, but it's kind of my time to redeem myself and get my head on straight.
 i think at some point i became so overwhelmed, i just couldn't deal. but i feel as if i can breathe again, i feel like i am myself again! i see this all from a positive point of view, because my hours are shorter and earlier, which gives me more free time. free time to play the guitar again and take voice lessons :)
 so in retrospect, the disappointment led to exactly what i needed. more time to get my creative energies flowing on my own. it was like all the work became too stressful that it wasn't fun anymore, and i'm ready to make it fun again. thats what it's all about.
so yeah. i lost hope in myself for a minute, and sometimes you just got to find a way to have faith. life is to hard not to have something to believe in. there's really nothing worse than hitting rock bottom alone.
believe in yourself. believe in your talents. because no matter how many other people do, the only person who can make it happen is yourself. 

oh and lastly, i really like diddy's new song. which will soon be ruined by being overplayed on the radio, so enjoy while it lasts...

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