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Nov 26, 2010

relax & refresh

so i had a really weird thanksgiving, i was suppose to be in Kansas City with the family and cousins... but as luck would have it i kept getting really intense abdominal pains. it lasted all through my finals, and it was so painful i was in tears a few times a day when the pain was the worst.
my finals consisted of performing monologues, songs, dances, scenes, etc. so it was really defeating when the random pains started. but, i pushed through and i was pretty happy with how they all went. it just became and obstacle in the scenes.
but the pain still hasnt gone away, so i called my mom and told her i just couldnt travel like that and spent thanksgiving with my friends.
i'm thankful for my amazing family, even though i'm not with them. i'm thankful for so many things in my life right now... and i would be even more thankful if the pain would go awayy!!! :)
well, now i just have down time in LA, which is rare. so i am trying to make the most of it.
i return to school on monday and we start exam play rehersals. no more classes, just rehearsal 4 hours a day. it's kinda cool how they change it up all the time.
i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. i am in desperate need of some R&R. locking the door, just need to be alone and be myself. catch up on sleep and get healthy!
much love. xxxo


  1. Beautiful photos. I mainly love the boots on the first one! Nice!


  2. i hope you feel better soon pretty girl!!!! call me when you can talk i miss ya :)