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Nov 20, 2010

thank you

i just wanted to thank anyone who has reached out to me. your messages and comments keep me going.

"This message is super random but I just wanted to tell you how inspiring your blog is. I've had a really hard first two years of college and many of your quotes and messages on your blog are really encouraging and are helping me gain a new perspective. I also wanted to ask you about where you like to shop. Your style is so amazing and effortless! Anyway I know this is a little random but I just thought I would tell you how much I love your blog and keep up the good work!"

 "I am a dweeb when it comes to artistic and neat blogs and such and saw your pictures on i think free peoples. Your pictures are legit. Just thought you should know. You seem really cool and I love seeing other peoples passion for art and creative ideas."

"i had tell you how special it is. It is so beautifully YOU. Personal favourite quotes are Einstein and Jolie at the end, SO good. Hope your well and best of luck with the drama school. Its great to know that your still acting x"

"i know i don't know you personally, but i came across your blog and i couldn't pull myself away from it. you have a beautiful insight on life that has really inspired me. so thank you for that."

"WOW i just thought i would post you a comment becos your blog/page is amaazing & you are so talent :) infact the most wisest person i have come across & i dont even know you, yet you relate to life so greeat i lust your blogs :)i read them everytime you update & you sound so interesting and look for the good things in should make a book with all these quotes/pictures & poems you have collected along the way. p.s your photography is raad!im envious.haha. keep it up your beautiful insideout. x"

"I came across your blog ; I really just love everything you post! You have the best style, and I'm starting to really get into some of the music you've talked about. Just wondering if maybe sometime you could kind of post a playlist type thing - your favourite songs from your favourite artists or just what you're listening to this summer. Goodluck in LA, I can see you going far! :)"


  1. HI darlin'..
    WHat a lovely blog you have here!
    Lots of nice pictures and good inspiration! Love it, keep it up hun!! ...Like your style ;)

    Wanna be followers? Let me know!..

    Love from Stockholm.. xoxo

  2. of course i want to be followers! xx