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Nov 16, 2010

i just, i don't know.

I'm a bit annoyed with school at the moment. I understand there must be rules, but I would like a little freedom for my art. i mean it's suppose to be a creative place, not boot camp.
i literally have to go back to school right now, running off very little sleep. i came home to just chill out for a moment alone...
 tuesdays are the longest, so once i get past today it's all downhill. I'm looking forward to my voice lesson tonight though, music has yet to fail me or trap me, and i am happy for that.
i'll try and post some stuff later tonight and respond to any messages. please let me know on facebook if you are friending me because of my blog. i'll add you, but if i don't know i may not.
have a beautiful day. love xx

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