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Apr 8, 2012

i'm backkkkk

sometime people don't love us back when we really need it.

and sometimes your life has been dealt a really shit crap hand of cards.  but you learn to survive. and one day, even if it takes a long time to get there, but one day you will come out on top. as a survivor. as a fighter. as a hero.
this past year has been the worst year of my life. but i am almost ready to open up again. i want to get my blog running again, and because so much of it is so personalized, i haven't been able to.

but slowly and surely my blog is returning. and all i believe in is spreading truth. and ultimately inspiring hope for those in face of undeniable fears.
for those of you who are willing to heal with me, i will be there for you. xo
---samantha america
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