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Feb 18, 2013

I think at some point, your heart stops accepting pain. And then you become numb.
Which is by far worse, because feeling nothing at all is worse than a million heart breaks. When all you want to do is cry & you literally can’t for the life of you… that is the most terrifying place to be in.
But what we can turn to, what we MUST turn to is HOPE. Hope will get you through the most challenging times. And sometimes you think the worst ever that could happen to you, did. So you’re in the clear. And then you wake up to a real life nightmare. And you realize, things can always be worse.
YET. They ALWAYS get better.
I have been at odds with struggles for as long as I can remember, to a point I was miserably fine with self-pity. It was my way through. Isolate. Hide. Runaway.
And what feels like the longest process/recovery ever back to the slightest bit of normalcy…
(I realized)
that it is okay to hurt.
It is okay to feel pain.
The life of the party may be dying inside.
The person you judge most harshly will always be yourself.
You must face troubles with grace.
‘great comforters are not born, they are made’
it is okay to not be okay.
it is okay to not know what is next.
It is okay to fear your dreams. 
It is okay to love.
Everything, somehow will be OKAY. 


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