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Feb 12, 2011

you are beautiful

i got a request for some of my favorite beauty products/cosmetics a while ago, and i am finally getting around to do this! so here are some of my faves....

favorite eyeshadow kit: CHANEL this past winter
favorite nail polish: my ALL time FAVORITE nail polish is called "Mod about You" by OPI. it's a pale pink but it doesn't become sheer on your nails, its that perfect shade of ultra light pink... my favorite teal is "candy apple green" by a brand i can't remember, they carry it at many places, it looks like a cheaper brand but its pretty good. & again CHANEL has great nail polish and colors, like so...
favorite face wash/lotion: clean & clear
favorite high end face wash: Therapy System
favorite makeup: MAC has been my favorite make up line forever, honestly everything they sell is just wonderful. & as far as eyeshadows go, they have every color of the rainbow and more.
specifically i adore: 
eyeshadow-honey lust & lip stick: hue
favorite perfume: "COCO MADEMOISELLE" by CHANEL
however; recently i switched all my face makeup to Bare Minerals & so far i am in love with it, especially their brushes, they are so soft. the powders & such are so light but look really great.
& hey there's nothing wrong with getting make-up at target. i ran out of a lot of stuff recently so now i have fun/nice stuff but for as long as i can remember i was using all target makeup, with the exception of eyeshadows. total mac-addict with that one.
favorite hair product line: PUREOLOGY. 
i bought it at a salon the last time i got my hair done, i haven't seen it at any drug stores so it's something you'd probably have to get with salon brands.
favorite hair product: BIOSILK. it smells amazing & it makes your hair really shiny, but don't use too much or it could look greasy.

i hope this helps, thanks for the requests. send more! commentss on my blog please & thank you. xo

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