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Mar 14, 2011

all time favorite tv shows

i've mentioned random tid bits about my favorite shows, so i thought i'd publish a list. my thing is that i always find my favorite shows once they are available on dvd.
but i actually love jumping into a new show and being able to watch a whole season back to back. warning: its ADDICTIVE. plus, i suck at remembering when shows come on.

it is one of my guilty pleasures to coop up all day watching my newest obsession with a cup of chai tea, which currently mine is "How I Met Your Mother"
Favorite sitcoms:
The Big Bang Theory

Modern Family

The Office

How I Met Your Mother

Favorite dramatic/mature audience: 
Gossip Girl
Skins (UK)



Favorite blast from the past/all time faves:
The O.C.

i recommend you buy some seasons of any of these shows you haven't seen... or illegally watch them online  

hope you enjoy this. i'm always looking for new shows to get into so i'd love suggestions! what are your all time favorites? & what do you disagree with? comments always welcome. xo.

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