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Mar 11, 2011

hey, it's okay...

to be proud of you newfound work out routine one week, just to hit a rut again the following week.

... to then hit the gym hard on friday (especially on the cardio) & then divide that time to the last missed mon-thursday workouts.
to "casually" go out for an easy night for just a couple drinks, that somehow throws you off into a crazy, party-til-dawn night, which then leaves you in utter confusion the next morning with the thoughts of "what the fuck did i do last night?" & "...please say i am in my own better" (while trying to gain back your vision
to start watching a show that has already had so much praise since, forever, & then to find yourself addicted to you "new" show, even if you have 10 more seasons to get through. no shame my friend. no shame at all- & quote the heck out of it all you want. (aka my FRIENDS obsession-sup 90's!)
to have the same go-to outfit when you cannot figure out what to wear, ONLY if there aren't pictures of you wearing it on facebook... yet you refuse to wear something you have literally worn once, because you managed to take a million pictures that one night
to feel mildly accomplished after cleaning your room and starting a load of laundry. oh snap, look out dishes here i come!
to have that one annoying thing you need to get done, but keep putting off causing you to rewrite it on the top of your "TO DO LIST" day after day after day....

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