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Jul 12, 2011

i guess you could say i'm jealous...

i found some time to catch up on fashiontoast's blog & you could say she has a pretty cool life right now... i'm envious of her recent travels because I was in Spain/Paris/London over 2 years ago AND i really want to go back!!!
 her shoes are Steve Madden. i RARELY shop online, but i started to recently. i think it helps me be more selective and not so impulsive with my purchases haha well, kind of. at any rate, when i saw these shoes & realized they weren't Prada, Gucci, or Chanel... i google searched them and bought myself a pair. BOOM BABY.
 wait not done, fashiontoast was one of the gals selected for Foam the Blogger Issue... I wonder how these girls get their blogs off the ground. definitely want to get my hands on the magazine and read up on their blogging secrets.
also gracing the cover @ becauseimaddicted. so great for these girls, they deserve it!

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