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Jul 11, 2011

la roux

welcome to my procrastination at it's finest. I am trying to finally finish my essays so I can submit my ap for AMDA... i'm scanning through old stuff, trying to get some inspiration to get me writing. & i came across La Roux lyrics I saved forever ago. these are fun. enjoy :)

My reflections are protections
They will keep me from destruction
My directions are distractions
When you're ready come into the light

There are so many different ways, of collecting all the strays
The ones that get away

Old fascinations
We crave, new sensations
Old fascination is feeding my, frustrations
It's feeding my, frustrations
And I haven't got the patience

So would you hold me please
I'm trying hard to breathe
I'm just surviving
So would you hold me please
I'm trying hard to breathe
Stop me from crying

When I see you walking with her
I have to cover my eyes
Every time you leave with her
Something inside me dies

No wonder it hurts
To sit by your side
(Turned me away so many times)
There's a different song
I can play you tonight
(We don't have to sit here in silence)
We can break the pattern
We can change the colour
(It's just a little sacrifice)
You don't need to worry about the others
(It's all in your mind)

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