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Oct 9, 2010

it's not a maybe thing

i got miserably lonely today, as i do quite often living alone in Los Angeles. but then i remembered that i am exactly where i need to be. that even though things aren't perfect right now, they will be worth it one day.

i cannot imagine being anywhere else, doing anything else. i'm so use to fucking things up that i sometimes tell myself i'm going to fail before seeing things through.

i need to stop that. not this time. because this time i am where i need to be. i will not ruin this opportunity. i'm just trying to be a better person and let go of my past.

this whole thing i'm doing- well trying to do- it's not about living in Hollywood, it's not about celeb sightings, it's not about nightlife and clubs, it's not about fame or glamour.
it's about my passion for acting. that's all it's ever been. so i'm kind of over everything else right now. i just need to focus on being the best person i can be so i can portray characters honestly.

i need to entertain. i need to make people laugh, because that, well that's everything.

"I always wanted to do comedy and anybody that wants to do comedy has to have some need to please people or make people laugh."- Emma Stone

"I have never wanted to do anything but this [acting]. One day i just had this really strong urge to go and do it... I knew it made me happy. That's all."- Emma Stone ♥

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