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Oct 5, 2010

suup october

hello hello hello!!! dude have i been busy... let's all take a moment and accept the fact that it's october. is it just me, or is that crazy? good crazy though, i mean i guess..
let's take another moment to let me apologize for being m.i.a. but lucky you, my facebook went out earlier and i had a photobooth shoot because i'm so kewwwl. & remember little darlings..



apology accepted? shveeet. moving on. i am a bit sleep deprived at the moment because i literally got 2 hours of sleep last night.
this is where i wanted to be all day, and when i was there last night i COULD NOT SLEEP.

oh the wrath of insomnia, it always creeps in when i need sleep the most. but somehow i survived today waking up at 6 am, at school til 6 pm, and running around town til 9.
& i made it back home! turning in all my work, and getting my shit done. sometimes you just got to trick yourself out of tiredness. just pushing through it, and NOT letting the fact that you KNOW how little you slept consume your thoughts.soo yeah thats me as of today. OH yeee... this past weekend was a riot. i've been going out with the people in my class and i'm meeting more people in other sections every day. it's fun walking around campus and actually knowing people.
i don't have any pictures from the weekend tho :( & i wore a really cute outfit that i will have to post sometime... but i do have a picture of my vintage pink floyd t-shirt that is comfy as fuck and i just love it.
i started writing again. ever since i got a blog and got so busy with life i wasn't making time to write. i can't stress to you enough how helpful writing can be for your sanity. even if no one sees it. even if you're in fact really happy- write about it. why not?
but hey it may not be for everyone, because the truth of the matter is i am also someone who has to write down everything i need to do in order for it to get done.
if it's really important i usually write it on my to-do list, in my blackberry calender, on my hand, on a piece of paper that i tape to the wall... uhh sometimes i set alarms. haha i am not kidding. i am really good at memorizing lines, but i am terrible at remembering where i need to be! hahaa that is so sad.

okay, well happy october! i am encouraged with where i am at right now in my life, i hope you are too. just keep on keeping on because your hard work will pay off one day. xo.

--&; as my dance teacher says at the end of every class "don't text and drive &; don't do crystal meth."

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