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Oct 9, 2010

i've learned...

i've learned that hangovers really don't care how much work you have to do that day.i've learned that it's not enough to just show up, it's about genuinely and truthfully being present. 100% in your body and your mind.

i've learned that it's not living in a big city that is scary or whatever people tell you, it's going after something alone. day in and day out.
i've learned that you only have yourself, at some point you have to be strong enough to take care of yourself, i mean really take good care of yourself.

i've learned that having a passion isn't a maybe thing, it's the only thing.
i've learned that confidence comes from good health first and foremost.

i've learned that music never fails. not once has it failed me.
i've learned that it's easier to hurt inside than to let it out. being too strong for too long is not okay, no ones asking you to do that.

i've learned that making people laugh is more fulfilling to me than having something to laugh at.
i've learned that being independent doesn't have to be lonely.

i've learned that wearing a cute outfit always makes your day run a little better.

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