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Dec 5, 2010


1. I discovered Summer Heights High a long time ago, and it still never gets old. neither does quoting it daily...
2. my parents forced me and my siblings to take piano lessons when we were younger. we were all way too distracted to focus so our teacher had to bribe us with the "prize of the week"... and now i regret not learning. i wish i could play.
3. i've had a crush on joseph gorden-levitt since he was on "10 things i hate about you"
4. i hatee the freakin jonas brothers... however, i am possibly the last person to catch bieber fever,  after watching his live performance of  "pray" at the AMA's
5. i think jesse eisenberg is a brilliant actor and i have always loved his work. he finally got the recognition he deserves for "The Social Network"
6. i go through phases of feeling "defeated" and doubting myself... like who am i to think i am good enough to want to pursue acting? who am i to dream big? --- but, i think that it is one of the first steps toward success. and i keep on trying.
7. i think Lady Gaga is playing the biggest joke on the music industry. i think she is just really good at keeping a straight face. she is aware of the fact that she is wearing a meat dress or a 20 ft glitter thing on her head. shit we can all walk out with meatloafs on our heads and walk around like "i am the shit, i am an artist."

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