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Dec 8, 2010

& everything is going to the beat.

passion pit is a really special band to me, because i got into them last year when i was going through some really hard times. it seems like you either love them or hate them, or hate them and love them once you "get" it. 
yes, i love their music. but i love their lyrics even more. often, it's easy to listen to music with actually hearing the message. but i feel like almost every passion pit has a specific meaning in it for me that reminds me of what i have gone through to get to where i am today. i saw them at coachella last year and it was great, but they weren't very known yet so they had a smaller stage and an okay set time.
 so last night was pretty incredible because i saw them live at the Palladium in Hollywood. It was my first time at that venue, which was also cool because it's pretty legendary. we had general admission so we worked our way  very close to the stage and i finally got my full length concert experience.
 they sound AWESOME live, it's like your listening to the recording only better. One of my favorite songs "Little Secrets" was one of the last songs and then they encored with "Sleepyhead." GOOD people & GOOD music. that is what makes me happy.
"It's the way I see, Everything I need, It's the way to be.
Let this be our little secret
No one needs to know we're feeling
higher AND higher AnD higher"
 "... thinking once there was a power that you were wielding
and now i've hit the mark; staring at the dark
& i cannot help but ignore the people staring at my scars."
 "but it's the thought that counts
quiet minds don't know their worth
they know what to do
so i'll pray for them and i'll pray for you."
 "now i feel silly, selfish & dizzy
now i got this feeling, that you'll forgive me."
 "i've waited and waited for someone to take it. 
don't fight it, don't bother, an inch for another. 
don't listen, don't hear them, they're in this together. 
i've learned well, now hear me, there's much to be fearing. 
i'm use to your absence, your faceless distraction
... and somehow or somewhere i found out the secret
-to say it aloud without actually breathing."
 "whose side are you on?
what side is this anyway?
put down your sword and bow
come lay with me on the ground."
"nobody knows you 
the way you know you
but i think i do
but i thought i knew
yeah, i thought i knew."
 "Oh my God, just please don't ever let me go
yeah, sometimes we're high and sometimes we're low
put up with me then i'll make you see
that things are better when you're with me."

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