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May 14, 2011

be who you are

my 21st birthday was yesterday. i didn't have any big plans originally, because i have been feeling a bit lost with who my real friends are out here or if i have any. so my parents came in town, which i needed to get a sense of clarity again. but they went beyond their normal amazingness & completely surprised me by flying out my 2 best friends. mind you, one is from Atlanta, one is from Nashville and they don't even know each other that well. so the shock of seeing them here in Los Angeles together for my birthday was the most surreal feeling. i was genuinely so stunned when i saw them and i wanted to break down in tears of happiness.
i think sometimes you need to just stop, breathe, and remind yourself of the support you have from friends & family. it's hard to embark on new directions in your life. i've taken responsibility of where i want my destiny to end up. and as much as i love to be independent, i find myself in those moments of feeling utterly alone. so despite my frustrations, despite my failures, and despite my moments of insanity... at the end of the day, i know how much i am loved. and as my sister reminded me in her birthday card "i am never alone"
 so here's to the best family and friends in the world. thank you all for such a great 21st birthday. xxxx

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  1. happy belated birthday! :) and that is so amazing that your parents flew out your best friends for your bday,too! just what your soul needed! how awesome, parents really are ones best friends, they are the only ones who really look out for us from day1.

    hope you can chck out my blog for some more +vibes and happiness! i am also hosting a pretty cute giveaway!