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May 20, 2011

golden coast

summer is here. (despite the random chilly past few days)

 that means beachy attire 24/7. & new stuff from all my favorite brands :)

 above, ashley tisdale wearing a free people top & skirt. i've never been able to pull off long dresses or skirts, but lately i've been eyeing them, so i'm on the search for one that doesn't look stupid on me.
photo cred:
found this picture on tumblr, i don't know what brand those shoes are but they need to be in my closet!!

i have literally wanted to get feather extensions since the first time i saw them months ago! of course i was in limbo with my hair going BACK to my natural brown color from blonde... now is the perfect time to get them. definitely on my to do list.


  1. haha samantha! i have those shoes, the floral pair? ive put them up in quite a few posts on my blog. but, they are by this brand called OFFICE, and they were featured in the top shop shoe boutiques in the united kingdom. they also come in black, good luck finding a pair! theyre super tall, but so cute when they're on!


  2. ahh thank you for solving the shoe mystery!