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May 18, 2011

sneaky sneaky

i already mentioned that my best friends surprised me this past weekend for my birthday. this is me opening the door to the really cool minivan they gave my dad as a rental... i was about to hop back in my car, but my padre told me to look in the backseat to see who happened to be on his flight.
 if only there was a picture of my face. i was so confused/thrilled/happy/...confused. my parents definitely pulled a fast one on me. props to my mom for being able to hold in her excitement when she was with me the days prior to this... she has a hard time keeping these things to herself plus she had to make up random lies... i.e. her response to "why are we going to pick up dad if he got a rental car?"
once i wrapped my head around the fact that these two lil beezys were actually in LA, they got in my car, we headed to my place, & after by the time we got to my apartment, having them here felt normal and as if time stood still as we picked up right where we left off.
the deal with all my best friends are that they all live across country scattered in different states. Hannah lives in Tennessee, which is where I am from so we manage to see each other more often then some of my other bests. we got to spend a lot of time together when i went home this past December. i stayed in Nashville for 3 months and during that time we were pretty much attached until she had to go back to school in Knoxville. clearly, i had to follow her there for a weekend visit before i jetted back to Cali.
& then there's Savannah (who is going to kill me for posting this picture) she has an ELF ear situation going on. hahaha sorry i'm not sorry... i met Savannah at the North Carolina School of Arts. we were the only normal 2 people @ that summer program, & luckily we were roommates. i knew i had met my match when we bonded over abnormal interests. i.e. yelling random names at strangers, lurking around campus wearing matching outfits (jean jackets included), lurking around the dorms, and making fun of people who lurked into our room to help themselves to our ipods, clothes, what have you... aside from reminiscing on how we met, i had not seen this stupid elf in over a year!! our last adventures took place in Nashville @ my ever so legendary Christmas party, where literally everyone i knew met each other and still to this day i'll hear "yeah, i met him/her at your xmas party"
santa monica.
spotted: planet blue bag
 *** fashion note: Savannah wearing my Wildfox heart sweat shirt. (purchased @ Kitson)

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