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May 18, 2011

friday the 13th

May 13th, 2011: my lucky 21st birthday. lunch @ Urth Cafe. 
after lunch my chai tea fix, we went to check into our rooms at the Renaissance Hotel on Hollywood & Highland. (another surprise) - my maud & i got massages at the hotel spa, savannah and hannah lurked around hollywood blvd, and then we got ready for the night.
i had not thought about what i was going to wear, hence the fact i didn't know i would not be getting ready at my own apartment....and for those who don't know me  it is a legit process. it requires many decisions such as; shoes, jewelry, belt, purse, bangles, etc. normally i try on 500+ outfits & end up wearing the first thing i had on. naturally, i freaked out when i realized i had to take everything with me in the morning. thanks to my personal assistant for the day (hannah) i got to the hotel with enough options for my OCD liking. i wore my pink Elizabeth & James dress...
we proceeded to pop open a bottle of champagne, toasts were made and then i opened my presents... i swear i kept forgetting it was my birthday. i was too caught up in the fact that these silly girls were in town. not to mention, my 21st. ha i kind of still don't think it's real. i can guarantee you i will be nervous to by alcohol for the next few months or so... & awkwardly avoid eye contact at the check out as if i'm using a fake when i'm not. haha why am i so awkward!?
my sister couldn't make it out here, but as always she went above & beyond. she put together a scrapbook for the night & on each page was a challenge i had to do when i was out. (for example: take a shot with mom and dad, get 21 kisses, convince someone your day job is working as a Disney Princess) ... this is me reading her card, tearing up like an emotional mess.
 nextttt stop, dinner @ Koi. OH WAIT. HOLD UP...
quick change. as per usual, i had an impulse to put on my BCBG dress at the last second. i must say, i was very happy i did, even though everyone was all "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT CHANGE OR WE WILL NEVER GET OUT THE DOOR"
 dinner @ koi. they spelled my name "Samanta" ......?
 the table.
***for those fashion junkies: i got the Elizabeth & James dress @ Kitson & the BCBG dress (romper actually) @ a thrift store in Burbank that only sells clothes from closed film & tv productions. the prices are insanely cheap & they have each item marked with which film/show they were used in.

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