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Jun 14, 2010


as we first pulled up to the line, we got really giddy for the festivities to begin, not realizing the reality of the wait we were about to brother & i are not very camp-savy, if you will. we do things are own way, and i am kinda surprised we even got the tent together. the weather was suppose to be rainy, but LUCKY US (not) it rained before making the whole farm extremely muddy. and the sun was out 99% of the time with 100000% HUMIDITY. it was brutal, but we survived.
i accidentally got the baby chair @ target, shit... but we were well prepared with walky talkys & we even had code names: flying squirrel & baby squirrel. except we kept hearing about a million other people with walkys so it was a success/fail. ( i said ooooooo squirrel--- sing to electric feel @ the ooo girl part)welcome to camp roo, grab your RAiNBOOTS!!! ohhh right, and we had the furthest campsite away! but there were bonnaroo taxis for $5 and trust me it was well worth the monayyyy.

MUSiC HiGHLiGHTS: Fanfarlo, Miike Snow, Local Natives, needtobreathe, The Temper Trap, the xx, Dieselboy, LA Riots

lessons learned after day 1: don't party TOO hard the first night, save energy for friday & saturday nights!! (BIG BIG LESSON)// bring car phone chargers..... // do NOT come on wed. night, bc you will be placed @ the furthest campsite if you are one of the first to arrive & not vip// bring a canopy for SHADE// LOTS OF WATER!& the madness began...

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