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Jun 7, 2010

get inspired.

lately i have been full of inspiration i feel like i don't even know where to begin. i am leaving for bonnaroo in a few days so i am just high on life about that bc the whole music festival scene inspires me. so, MUSIC>>> inspires me. because i love to discover new music, or listen to whatever i can get my hands on. lyrics are my favorite part because if the song is really good, the lyrics will read out like poetry. when i find a song that fits into how i am feeling at that exact moment in my life. i am at ease. even when i am hurting, to play a sad song helps. welp, obviously i was not inspired at a normal college. so i ditched the books (kind of) and IM GOING TO HOGWARTS...
haha, if you don't know me i am such a dweeb. & the fact that i just used the word dweeb is beyond me. OKAY ANYWAYS>>> acting. ACTING. acting. ACTING INSPIRES ME!!!! good acting that hits the core-inspires me, but so does comedy:
i am so hard to figure out even for myself because i can't tell you what i am like. sometimes i am the goofiest person alive, and then i can get really serious. and passionate (which is why i have this blog) so if i was asked which type of acting i would rather do, i have yet to figure that out. i want to do both :)
i love emile de ravin & the quote above. she's 28 & an australian actress. part of the LOST cast, which is (was) my favorite show ever. im still in denial the show wrapped up.
TRAVELiNG iNSPiRES ME. i love to travel. especially to different countries. there are SO SO SO many places i want to go to eventually. & as i was traveling last summer i fell in love with London & soon discovered...
LONDON iNSPiRES ME. i love their culture so much. i love their fashion. i repeat, i love their fashion. i love topshop. i love their fashion. i love their fashion, okay i think i'm done, nope>> THE BEATLES are from england and they are totally rad. so they inspire me as well.
LOVE iNSPiRES ME. this is a big one for me. love has saved me from many things in my life. i am so loved and i am so blessed to know this. and by that i mean my endless love from my family & friends. but i also believe in the idea that true love will find me again, maybe soon. maybe not. but no matter what i believe in love.

ART iNSPiRES ME >>> painting, scrapbooking, drawing, creating outfits, so on...
PHOTOGRAPHY iNSPiRES ME>>> i can spend hours on end looking at beautiful pictures that inspire me. it can be of my idols, beautiful scenes, anything beautiful and worth my time. and i love to take pictures myself. but the real photographer of the family is my brother.
READiNG & WRiTiNG iNSPiRE ME>>> especially writing. write the things down that you want to do, and you have a better chance of actually doing them.
FASHiON inspires me>> nylon is my bible. it is my favorite magazine & my way of life. it is simply me as a magazine.

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