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Jun 27, 2010


I picked up Hannah @ the Burbank airport yesterday & we headed straight to EDC! personally, i love techno so i was stoked--- but i knew hannah was in for a rude awakening..
thankfully, i brought extra raverish clothes for her to change into. she was very happy about that & at first started to get into it. but then when we walked up to the event she was immediately freaked out by all the hard core ravers in furry boots & pacifiers! hahah im not going to lie, even i thought it was fucking whack.
i kept her a classy raver no worries :) so after waiting in line FORVER for a ticket, we got into the venue and enjoyed some sick beats.

just feeling it in mah soul. letting the beat take over...

even though EDC was not really her thing, i think it was cool to show her. & today we did all the Hollywood touristy things so it was a compromise.>>>> now we are off to the grove for dinner! peace & love. xxx

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