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Jun 6, 2010

free spirits


i am, i got a NEW CAR yesterday!!!! she's just beautiful & i love her. hehe but really i havn't had a car for a few months so it feels amazing to own one again and DRIVE myself where i need to go! love love love love. knock on wood i keep her safe! okay today...i am getting anxious for festy time! these are my favorite pair of high waisted shorts from kitson. i wear them ALL the time, but they stretch out so easily ! i need to find a new pair, but ill never give these up. festy worthy for sure.5 DAYS TiL BONNAROO!!!! i want to plan my outfits for the music fest in the next few days. lil hipster chic fashion planning. eeekkkk. too much fun!!! here we go. currently loving cut off t's. so comfortable. sassy. chic. so i'll definitely be bringing a few of these because it is going to be soooooo hot and humid. ewww.time to go raid my closet & create outfits that are only 100& acceptable at music festivals!!>> picture below of Kate Bosworth at Coachella. she has an effortless, cool style. i like.i really want to make a feather hair thing! i love feathers, so adorable, simple and down to earth. maybe im crazy, but i love the indian looking eye make up this girl is rocking. might play around with that at roo.
some music to get pumped for roo

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