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Jun 23, 2010

golden coast.

i finally made it to my new home! my new exit is Hollywood Way. the name is exciting itself huh?today we woke up & left vickterville, CA to drive the last stretch into Los Angeles. we passed through the San Barnadino mountains on the way & they were gorgeous! Then we passed through Pasadena, which is where i use to spend a lot of time with my ex. so it was weird passing old town Pasadena on the freeway... oh memories? baha.
(San B. mountains below) >>> after we passed Pasadena we kept on through Ventura & straight into LOS ANGELES. weeeee. final destination. CHECK. i was very anxious to get to my new apartment and unload my car. today was very comical actually, because my madre & i were acting a bit delirious, so therefore everything took us 10 times the normal amount it should have.
one of our last errands was to stop by my storage unit in north Hollywood. OH MY. it is SUCH a maze. hahaha i cannot stress to you how much of a waste this stop was>> A. because my car was already full so we had room for MAYBE a single hanger. & B. we unloaded all this stuff that we wanted to bring back to my studio apartment without thinking about the lack of space in the car. & C. my mom was creating a false trail of my shit in this maze. so every time i would come back to find my unit i would find a lamp post at one end of the floor and then way later run into a box full of my stuff. hahaha it was like she was the gingerbread man leaving behind a trail. so after all this retardedness, we had to re-pack my stuff BACK into the unit. = EPiC FAiL. & you're prob so confused right now, trust me thats how it was.
after unloading we made my first official grocery run @ Trader Joe's. it is literally in walking distance. i am loving the Toluca Lake area! so my lil girly crash pad is all stocked with some healthy picks & various wine. starting to feel like home.
soo it is safe to say i am already feeling at home here. i LOVEEEE big cities. & i have always loved LA, so it just feels so RiGHT to finally be here. i am so at ease & eager to get started on all my adventures to come. & TRUST. there will be many to share.

^^^ i love this picture, i might try to recapture a similar heart shape collage in my new place with my own pictures.... i am still in the process of organizing & figuring out what art work i want to put up. i will put pictures when my place is pretty to look at. now time to crash on my bed, aka futon. :) peace & love from the golden coast.

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