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Jun 14, 2010


day 4, wow we made it. woke up every morning @ sun rise soaked in sweat, all for the love of music. we did so much, but at the same time i still had so much more on my to do list!! so i WILL have to make it back next year.
bonnaroo, i miss you.
henna tats. holllaaaaa
waiting for phoenix.
my favorite part of sunday was hands down PHOENIX. they were amazing!! i saw them at coachella, but i was very far back in the crowd because my crew wanted to leave early. but this time i was in charge of when we were leaving hehe. soo i got my front rowish concert the 2nd time around @ roo! they are such a lovely band from paris!! i love their music, and they stole my heart that night. up there with passion pit in my book. hi pure genuis of music.
rocked my dream catcher earring. trying to keep out bad karma. make it home in one piece, which CHECK. success as i am snuggled in my AIR CONDITIONED room as i blog this.
the crowd surfing @ phnx was out of control. i think about 10 bodies got launched at my head, and if it isn't too obvious i am not strong enough to catch a human male with no warning, especially on my head.

pretty sunset. last stop: Dave Matthews Band.

DMB wrapped up the fest. it was a good ending to chill out to, but at the same time i wish it would have left me a little more siked. i have seen dave live at least 5 times, soo i guess that might also have something to do with it. they were still great tho!! bonnaroo, you did me well. loveeeely times. miss it!!!!!

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