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Jun 28, 2010

styles i love.

here are some looks i LOVE::: this girl is adorable. i love her braig. love the leather jacket, the over the shoulder purse & bracelets! got the look perfect. balance of girly & rocker.cut off shorts & tights, always a good choice.
ummmmmm, can i have this purse!!
i love high waisted shorts. love love love. and paired with a baggy t & lots of jewelry.
the things i would do for this Chanel backpack... oh my gawsssshhh.
chanel & rocker t-shirt. edgy jewelry. yeeeep/
this girl below is amazing, love the shirt & that jacket is sick.
totally have worn an outfit like this. i live in my high waisted shorts and beatles//band shirts.
what do yall think about spandex under jean shorts? i like it... but i know its a little edgy.
BOWS BOWS BOWS> > > can never go wrong with bows.