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Jul 1, 2010

tourist much?

i took hannah to venice beach, but it was cloudy all day :( so it was actually not that crowded, which was nice. hannah saw medical marijuana for the first time hahah.
lunch @ venice beach. strawberry margaritas. yummy.
Meryl Streep's handprints below. she is AMAZING. i respect her so much as an actress.we did the whole hollywood "oh hay suuuuup im a tourist" ordeal. it was cool to do because i prob havnt done that stuff since 8th grade? we saw some kewwwwwwl places, but our tour guide was annoying as fuck. failed acting career?

i am obsessed with this quote! "i don't know what brought me here or how i got into the movies. all i know is that every time i start a new film, i'm as excited as that twenty-year-old kid who drove to California not knowing a soul." ahhhhhhh :) :) THAT EXPLAINS MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!!!!

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