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Jul 1, 2010

just because...

oh just your daily does of inspiration because i am up super early!!what do you want to do with your life? DO IT. stop imagining. stop asking what if. you're young, you're hot, you're in the prime of you're life. so just LIVE.after i start my acting classes and get settled with that i really want to look into taking voice lessons & for sure GUITAR lessons, ohh AND dance lessons. i miss dancing so much, maybe at the Edge downtown... we will see.
(^^^ one of my favorite bands ever.)
does not matter how old you are, start learning what you WANT to learn. do what you LOVE to do. choose to be happy!
love + peace= happiness
who are you? you decide. you can be whoever you want to be. seriously.

"Somewhere there is another girl prettier than you, smarter than you, taller than you, skinnier than you. Another girl somewhere is more outgoing, more laid back, more interesting, more athletic. Another girl somewhere is not you. You may not be perfect, but someone someday will think you are. He will love you for each and every imperfection and flaw. He will wait all day just to see you and stay all night just to hold you. To him, you will be more than perfect, you’ll be the love of his life."

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