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Jul 11, 2010

STYLES to lurve.

yes i love clothes. it's a huge problem... some styles i adore. enjoy :) xo.those shoes are badass. i want some in brown... i saw the most amazing prada shoes like that today... but um, yeah not going to happen. suuuuup forever 21.
cross necklaces make me happy :)
i live in jean shorts. & (below) want shoes like that.... oh my obsession with clothes never ends, it is sad.
personally a HUGE fan of socks and heels. (above) OBSESSED!!!!
wildfox? me, never...
i want to be at this party....
knee high socks, chunky heels, leather jackets, braids =still loving it.

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  1. hahahhamy best friend is the girl wearing the wildfox bandeauu. how weirdddd