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Jul 14, 2010


MONDAY MUSiC NiGHT...i went to see KOL at the Hollywood Bowl last night & they were amazing. I have seen them before, but every time they still blow me away. always spot on.
i love how they mix old stuff with their new stuff, and they even played VERY new music that i had never heard before. i really liked it, so im pretty pumped. they are definitely bringing back rock n roll & i am all for it.
once again, after a few dranks... the british accent came out. some guy gave me a hug because he "had never met a british person before!!" bahah.
...i got a free t shirt from a street vendor & got offered a free ride (BECAUSE OF THE ACCENT!) hahaha wow, people these days...
if you have never been to the Hollywood Bowl, you should check it out if you're ever in LA. they have concerts/events every night, so it is worth keeping up with the calender. the only thing i personally do not like is how huge it is. if i am going to see a band i love, i want to be... front row. or at least mosh pit. i mean durrrrr..
the videos on here are not live footage, but i have a bunch that i have yet to upload!! their encore was my favorite: ending with "Revelry", "Manhattan", & "Knocked Up" .... they are on tour, so go see them!!!!

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