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Jul 6, 2010

hard times turned bliss.

"People ask me why it’s so hard for me to trust people. I ask them why it’s so hard for them to keep their promises."

you know, i just want any readers to know that it is okay to be broken, it is okay to hurt, it is okay to need time to mend, it is okay to lose yourself for a while, because in the end everything will simply BE OKAY.
i don't know why i feel the need or do not fear exposing my true soul to anyone who wants to listen. but i just wanted to touch base on a few topics... my recent posts are very very upbeat and happy, which is the complete opposite of my posts from a year ago, let alone a few months ago.
at 20 years young i have really faced a lot of difficult times. i have put myself through hell and back because i did not know how to love myself. so for any girls who need help with any issues i would advise them to face the music and not hide from yourself, because you will only dig the hole deeper.
i have come to peace with myself and i am already opening a million more doors of OPPORTUNiTY. the more you love life the more it will love you back & the more great moments will present themselves. so please i am begging you---love yourself, be yourself. stop trying to be something you are not.
"I’m not always as confident as I seem. There are many nights and many days when all I want is to be held. I love being held. Always. Sometimes I don’t want to talk about what is bothering me.. sometimes I just want a hug.. Someone who will let me cry. I like when boys cry in front of me — when people aren’t afraid to show what they’re really feeling. I don’t like when people run from their true feelings because it doesn’t do anyone any good. I wear my heart on my sleeve, but I am not naive. I know what it feels like to be completely broken and I am all too familiar with what it means to be hurt. I know what it’s like to see something funny and not laugh. I’ve been taken advantage of, used, and abused. My feelings have been blatantly disregarded. But I still believe that all people are good at heart. And my trust in people has not diminished. To be completely honest, I hope it never does. Ever." -anonymous.
do a kartwheel tomorrow. i dare you.
forget about the assholes, move on. you're worth so much more.
don't wait for something that is not waiting for you.
cry when you need to. but always always laugh much more.

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