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Jul 12, 2010

confessions #2

1. i fantasize about being a ballerina, but i do not have the talent. :) i think ballet is beautiful and graceful.
2. i wish it was socially acceptable to dress as if i was at a music festival all day, every day.

3. i say FUCK way too much. it is one of my favorite words.... haha

4. i quote the little rascals every time i want something really badly.
-(my brother)"how do you plea?"
-(my line)"Liiiike this: please oh please have mercy oh please!!!"
-"hmmm thats a prettty good pleaddding"

5. i'm a coffee addict, especially STARBUCKS.
6. i have a girl crush on Zooey Deschenel.
7. i wish i would listen to my advice more. lol. i try! but hey now....

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