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Jul 26, 2010

haay, it's okay....

HAAYYYYY, IT'S OKAY... let's just chill out and relax.

it's okay to sleep in your makeup after one too many drinks.

it's okay to complain about breaking out AFTER sleeping in your makeup...
it's okay to be a girly girl and a tomboy... at the same time.

it's okay to love with all your heart, even when you hurt like hell.

it's okay to be 20 and not know how to cook... me? never...
it's okay to not want to learn how to cook, and be fine with living off cereal in opposition to learning how to cook.

it's okay to change your mind after you experience life a little more.

it's okay to press ignore on your cell phone all day because you just don't want to talk to anyone.
it's okay to pretend you have a good sense of direction, but then get more than any of your friends.

it's okay to wake up and sleep walk straight to the coffee maker.

it's okay to believe that the $5 coffee at starbucks is ACTUALLY lyke omgah so much better than the one you make at home.

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