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Jul 10, 2010


okay!!!! i am staying in all night tonight, so i finally have free time to update, life has been so crazy ever since i got out here, i have literally had no down time. but there is never a dull moment. i have officially had my first week of school at AADA & i am obsessed. the alumni status is so legit... a few examples of successful actors: PAUL RUDD!!!! WILL FARRELL. Kim Kattrel. Grace Kelly & many many more. check out the full list @
and now my brother is here for a month and we are already having a blast together! we went out the last 2 nights so we are staying in tonight.
>>>>SIDE NOTE>>>> what people say about LA traffic is so true. it is terrible. horrid. awful... and people are such rude drivers. they honk more than they pay attention to the road and they speed up once you put your blinker on! i just want to shout to people "DUDE, WHY DO YOU HATE LIFE!? CHILL OUT FUCKKK"

"it has taken me a while, but I’m learning that letting go of the past is a good thing. It doesn’t mean forgetting, it just means moving on. Because the fact is, we can’t enjoy the present, and embrace the future when we’re still stuck in the past."
♥ ♥ ♥

anyways, back to the outings recently... i am loving the current hot spot: Voyeur. its a sick club in Hollywood & on Thursday night we saw ASHTON KUTCHER (he is sooooooo hot, hayy sup ashton.) & last night we saw MCLOVIN!!!! hehehe so amazing.
ahh what else? hmm i have met a ton of people already. the people in my class are awesome. it is amazing to work with such passionate people! we have the most intense, surreal conversations.the classes i am taking this summer are: movement (dancing basically) voice (workign on dialects & relaxation) acting (we have this class everyday and we cover a ton of material!) & vocal (singing!!! terrifying, but so fun)so thats me recently. loving & living life to the fullest. i'm about to post more pictures from voyeur & a video of ashton kutcher walking in the club with my brother, caroline & i in the background! lol. body guard. check it out check it out check it out. no pictures.

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