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Jul 1, 2010

beverly hills.

SHOPPING DAY!!! we went to robertson/melrose/ & rodeo drive all in one day! it was really annoying on the way there because we got a late start & the traffic was terrible.but once we got there we went straight to lunch @ the ivy because we were so hungry! it was amazing as always. & we got yummy straberry & champagne.
our cute little table at the ivy--- no celeb spottings :( i really hope we see one before hannah leaves! i think it would make her vacation.beverly hilllssss thats where i want to be!!
i posted the other day pictures of wildfox t's. & i finally found some!!! they had a great selection at kitson & i went a little crazy. i love love loveeeee them so much :) ill post more pics of the shirts eventually

rodeo drive>>> so i totally dropped a wad of money leaving rodeo drive (idiot i know) & a lady actually brought it back to me!! it was so nice seeing someone be kind. and saved me a lot of money.

sweet little hannah j.
we went out on a Monday night, right who does that? i think its pretty acceptable to go out any night here to be honest. anyways, we tried to go to My Studio, but they turned hannah down, assholes.
but then we went to Les Deux, which was better anyways.

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