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Jul 26, 2010

fashion talk.

mmmhmm. as always, ready to post some of my fashion picks. via photos dur. i want to create my own look book one day. shit what doN'T i want to do..anyway..
1. intense eyes/london inspired/high waisted ANYTHING.
2. still rockin the headbands. extra special if it has a flower like swifteyy.
3. rosary necklaces. :) baggy COMFY t shirts.
4. accessory overload. DGAF.
5. and even more importantly, bracelets galore.
6. grunge look. wildfox yep. feather earrings.
7. doc martins. leather jackets... i swear it never goes out of style.
8. this is more of a LUST. how amazing is that gucci bag? and those knee high boots? fuuuuck.
9. plaid shirts!
okay, thats good enough for now. i think you can find art in everything. so i believe in taking risks with your style. have confidence, and just don't give a fuck what people think. dress for YOU. be beautiful. xxx

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