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Jul 9, 2010

beautiful world

it's a beautiful thing to be happy. i have not been this happy in, well ever? and life just becomes so rich and full. i am so passionate about acting and i love getting up every morning to go to class. during the summer, i just have morning til 1 so i have a lot of free time too... its the BEST way to start my day.after school, i am so refreshed and so in touch with myself. i want to scream around hollywood at people and be like OPEN YOUR EYES LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. i want to help people feel what they are scared to. be honest with yourself, be sincere, love something.
its all about the tiny details in life, just like the tiny details make scenes in movies... but not many people actually GET that. those actors/actresses that can be completely okay in a scene alone with no dialogue are truly in sync with life. they get it.
so never, ever overlook the small things in life. bc those simple things make you who you are.
experience life. do something new every single day. challenge yourself, strive towards something. if you are not striving towards achieving something, what is you life worth?
you get one life, one body, one soul. what are YOU going to do to make sure you live it right?
anyways enough ranting, im just really inspired lately. nowww-- weekend time. quick nap & then sushi & out in hollywood.
P.S.>>>>> I SAW ASTON KUTCHER LAST NIGHT AT VOYEUR. that made my night! hes so sexy, too bad he's married...
love from the west coast. xxxxx

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  1. great pics!!