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Jul 11, 2010

summa time in the city

skater park at venice beach.
starry night.
soooo, lately every time i go out, i start talking in a british accent to people i don't know. and i have been successful so far. this one guy was like love stricken by me JUST bc of the accent hahaha then i go "con i tell yew a secreat" and he was all oh of course.. and i go "I'M AMERICAN BIATCH." his face just dropped he was like wow, i had no idea. immediately he was more at ease and not trying to be so polite. ohhhh how i wish i was british.
anyways. i'm making some great friends here so far, so i have high hopes. i am on the other hand very aware of fake people, users, or just straight up air heads. i like real people. i like to have great conversations. and to LAUGH.
(below) me and my brother walking at venice beach.
tat tat tat it up. "i am free"
ohhh, below is just me hitch hiking in downtown LA or who knows what i am doing really. oh summer nights in the city & getting home at 4 am.
well well wellllllcome to the good life.

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