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Jul 1, 2010


confession #1: i am an indecisive piece of shit. i could not describe my lifestyle in one word. if i had to describe myself i guessss i would be a punk rock romantic hippie. hahah, yep thats it.confession #2: I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH ZAC EFRON. he is the hottest person alive.
confession #3: i am sick of people asking me why all the time!! its my life i want to be happy, so i am doing what i want. why did you move to cali? because im going to school here now. why are you going to acting school!? BECAUSE I LOVE IT. why why why!? well why the fuck not.
confession #4: i have to remember to love myself every single day. i went through some really, really hard times in high school & college. i am not perfect, but i accept that. i accept the person i am because all i can do is be me. if you struggle with loving yourself, find something in your life to be passionate about. have a reason to get out of bed every morning.
confession #5: i am a romantic & i believe desperately in love. i think too many people are scared of love, scared of commitment, scared of taking risks. (including me) but the thing about love is it is not something that will always be perfect. it is something you must work on everyday to keep love alive. not just with another person, with the world.
confession #6: i scrapbook everything i come across. my computer is decorated on the outside. my room, my bathroom, my kitchen, my journal, my life is all decorated with beautiful things that inspire me to be a better, stronger person.
confession #7: well this isn't really a confession, but I WANT A TATTOO. that says: "just breathe" on the inside of my arm. and i want it now...


  1. I came across your blog & I really just love everything you post! You have the best style, and I'm starting to really get into some of the music you've talked about. Just wondering if maybe sometime you could kind of post a playlist type thing - your favourite songs from your favourite artists or just what you're listening to this summer. Goodluck in LA, I can see you going far! :)

  2. of course i will make some playlists very soon! and thank you so much doll :)