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Jul 25, 2010

i've learned...

just a few things i have learned about life... and continuing to learn more. to challenge more. to ask why?--- & these are 100% my opinion. so if you don't agree thats perfect. because everyone is fucking different.i've learned that no matter how hard you try to be happy, there will always be sad days.

i've learned that sometimes people really are not worth being your friend, because they end up not giving a fuck about you.

i've learned that insecurities never truly go away, but being able to cope with them is possible.

i've learned that no matter how many times you tell yourself to let go of something, there are certain situations that always come back.
i've learned that loving yourself is the hardest love of all.

i've learned that staying in bed and shutting out the world, gets you absolutely nowhere.

i've learned that you get back just as much as you put forth in life with everything... success, happiness, relationships, every little moment.
i've learned that the smallest unnoticed moments are the most exceptionally beautiful ones.

i've learned that running away from your problems only creates a huge mess that solely you have to pick up alone.

i've learned that numbing your pain with whatever outlets you choose, only gets yourself lost.

i've learned that hurting like hell helps you appreciate when you are happy, or just okay.
i've learned that some people don't understand me, some people don't like me, some people are jealous of me, some people hope that i will fail, but despite all that-- some people love me, just how i am. & those people are the best blessings in your life & they are the ones worth living for.

i've learned that your siblings can be some of your best friends.

i've learned that some people deserve second chances, but to not give out too many.

i've learned that sometimes it is okay to tell yourself that you really do deserve much better than that, and in effect believe it.

i've learned that it is not ALWAYS my fault, and sometimes just sometimes i am the one who deserves to get an apology.

i've learned when i don't get those apologies that i don't need to search for other possibilities to say sorry for something that just is not my problem.

i've learned that admitting when you have fucked up is the only way to learn and grow.

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