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Jun 14, 2010


the second day was one really fun & also the day i got extremely burnt!! lessons start again: BRING SPF 250. seriously. i got separated from my brother because i headed up to centeroo around 11 am to find the FUSE stand, which was really cool, bc if you are a retard like me and didn't bring a car charger-- they had this huge stand just for that with every kind of services needed. so that line, of course took a while. but i had a lot of fun while i was waiting just people watching. then while i was waiting on it to actually charged i posted up near the mist tent where they were playing music near by with some of my favorite songs. i took a lil tiger snooze, and my back and face started to burn like crazeeeee."FLYiNG SQUiRREL, please call BABY SQUIRREL asap.""roger that baby squirrel, lets hit up the beer tent."
we luckily found eachother before i headed back to the campsite. so we wandered a bit and hit up a few stations-- like the photo opt! hahaha we got to dress up like rockstars and take a picture on a stage. i was (naturally) lead singer & guitarist. and lucas was geeking in the back while playing the drums. it was rad, but i have yet to figure out how to locate this picture! it is priceless, and i WILL find it.
soo since my phone charging mission was a total failure bc i got it back with a dead battery.... i used my compromising skills with a recycling tent. they would take bags of recyables in exchange for points towards buying merchandise. so, i asked if i could use an outlet instead & went on my way to help save the world! it was actually really fun, and i felt really proud of myself after cleaning up an entire field after a show ended! GO GREEN.

peace. love. music. & rainboots.

my brother dancing in the video above. kewwwwl >>>> & THiS GUY. hahaha omg so i was walking to the bathrooms and i feel water on my leg, so i thought something was spilling & i was frantically looking through my bag like shit my camera!!! and then it didnt stop, and i finally turn and see this guy (in pic below) with a spray bottle pointed at me & he was laughing so hard... then proceeded to tell me that he had been doing this to people all day & that this was the best reaction he had seen yet. oh AWESOME. lol, picture after=must.ohhhhhkay. yes. i have a girl crush on zooey from she & him. i love her as an actress. i love her as a musician. she said at the end "it doesn't matter if you are a good singer, as long as you mean it!" EFF YESS! amen.
dear zooey, please marry my brother so we can become best friends. thats all. thanks.
sooo these guys were interesting. there were a bunch of guys dressed up as avatars. and they all circled around me and started doing some chant and i was like awkwardly holding my recycling bag & clearly lot fitting in without a blue painted body. my brother got to sit back and watch this happen.

eeeeeeek, i spy paint!! and it my favorite color, BODY PAiNT TiME. :) made my day. duh.
MUSiC HiGHLiGHTS: Tokyo Police Club, Umphrey's McGee, She & Him, Tenacious D, Les Claypool, KiNGS oF LEON, The Flaming Lips, Bassnectar, Kid Cudi & LCD Soundsystem
we sadly got separated after kings/// so the rest of the night could have been a lot better, but it was impossible to find each other, so whatever shit happens. and the music was still amazing.

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