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Jun 4, 2010


sooo i have been so sick for the last 3 WEEKS! its terrible. and every single day i thought i would get better, i would get worse. but i finally went to the doctor & the meds are already making me feel better. weee!! SO today i want to be productive & here is the lineup.
STARBUCKS MY LOVE. i'm coming to get my skinny vanilla latte. its been too long.
an outfit i would totally wear!
PiCTURES in NASHViLLE. yay for energy. 6 days til BoNNaRoO!!!!!
Oh & also take care of your bodies!! I forgot how amazing our bodies can be until i got sick for the first time in so long. i forgot how miserable it is to be sick. drink some oj. take your vitamins! even if they are gummy bear ones, wait what? i dont take those...

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