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Aug 27, 2010


i wish everyone a happy and healthy weekend. see your flaws as imperfections and don't be too hard on yourself. this is your life, enjoy it. love yourself. xxxo
oh yeah, NASHVILLE SAYS hello!!!! i am seriously so filled with joy to be home right now. i have missed this place so much. my family has so many musical instruments to chose from and i went straight to the acoustic guitar, which apparently is wayyy more expensive than the shit one i have in LA.
it plays like a dream and it is so much easier to hold and change chords. i'm going to steal it mwahaha but if i get caught by the madre, i will def practice on it the entire time im here!! seriously stoked!!!
insanity::: doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different outcome. it YOU who must change your bad habits.
oh and also my friend Caroline from this summer (she interned in LA) is in Nashville this weekend so I cant wait to see her!
hmm okay thats all. so happy i didn't miss my flight.. yeah thats right i literally almost missed it this morning, i left my bag in my car and literally walked on the flight with just myself and my computer.
best wishes xxxx create YOUR life. live your passion. make CHANGES if you are unhappy!

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