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Aug 22, 2010

hurts so good

its not about what you know or who you know, or when you do what you do. its about the people you are with, surrounding you in the moments that make up your life. and if you get too caught up in your own mess, sometimes you let the most precious people go before you can ever even say goodbye.

and when that happens, its not even the heartache or regret that hurts like hell... its the thought of accepting that you created this wall and blocked off someone who could have meant the world to you.

there are too many false hopes in this world to not risk everything you have for the people you care about. i think we all deserve as much love as we hope for. it shouldn't ever be a fantasy, it should be a reality...

you know that saying its better late then never? well i think thats all a bunch of shit. i believe we deserve things when we need them not when time has passed and wounds are healed. its just not enough to be sorry if you say sorry for something you've done a long time ago. i think we can all appreciate when people make things right, but i don't think it is something we should have to put up with. its just not enough to be a good friend every once and a while, for me i need my friends to be a full time thing.the people who pick me up when im about to go haywire. because i promise with my whole heart and soul to bethere for the people i love. i would never put someone off and come back when im not so obsessed with my life and be like oh hayy did everything work out alright?
but in the end i think that time is not what heals your pain. its what you do with that time. it takes time to be better, but if you don't work on yourself everyday things will never change. so when people let you down, when people don't treat you with the respect you deserve--give it back to yourself.
don't let others make you feel as if you aren't worth the time of day. because you are. everyone has the ability to do beautiful things.

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